In our family of 5, I had a Dad that loved us, but emotional support wasn't very present because of his autism. He was not there to advise us on life. My mother pretty much took on the roles of both, and that had a big effect on how I grew up. As a sensitive boy I was often called sissy and gay and found it difficult to stand up for myself. I was also addicted to gaming and online gambling for years. Eventually I found fitness. That gave me a lot of confidence that I was missing. In recent years, I have been able to discover that self-confidence even closer in myself. 




It wasn't until 2010 that health became an even more important part of my life. It was the year my father's decline began. He slowly started forgetting things and having speech impairments. His early memory loss was very noticeable, and things didn't get better from there. The forgetfulness was coupled by Parkinson's symptoms and both his mental and physical health was in vast decline. It made me reflect on my own vitality and it made me very aware of my own possible future.

From that moment, I started taking my health very seriously. I became dedicated to having a strong mind and body, to be able to tackle any challenge coming my way. I researched all I could, read hundreds of books, papers, articles about how to prevent (mental) illnesses. Focusing on how to improve my mental clarity, focus, and strength by developing a fully optimized brain. 


This is how sports, and later massage, became the central part of my life. It both helped me to connect with my body and mind and it taught me to embrace life and surrender. Now, after years of personal practice, I want to help others to feel just as powerful, and connected to their body to create a healthy lifestyle with a focus on growth, connection and vitality.

My Story

Movement has always come very natural to me. Ever since I was young I was moving around; climbing trees, playing volleybal, basketball, judo, athletics, and being outside with the other kids, leading the way. I also grew up with a lot of touch, always wrestling and playfighting with my parents, siblings and friends.

Around the age of 15, I felt quite socially insecure. I'd never fitted in the first years of high school and was struggling to find my way. A friend one day asked me to join him to the gym, and soon it became a daily ritual. Building a physique made me feel more confident and the high of working out made it an addiction. At first, my motivation was to be seen and validated by others, but that soon changed to loving the way my body felt, the physical strength and mental clarity that accompanied the dedication to the weights.


My Approach

For both my personal training sessions and massage treatments I use a science-based approach with a focus on restoring balance in the body. 

I myself have too often experienced how we are lived by the world around us, by our own ambitions, by many things we consider a must. We forget to make time for our bodies.

By connecting body, mind, and spirit, my holistic way of working aims to help my clients getting more healthy, have more ease of movement, being pain-free, and/or a calm mind. 

If you want to have a better relationship with your body, whether it's through one-on-one training, a massage, or just a conversation, I'd love to support you. Find out my services below or just contact me at